Friday, November 3, 2006

God's Memory Loss is for His Own Sake

I was going through mom and dad's photo album and found a funny shot from my childhood. The picture on the left was taken by my dad circa 1980 of the ride The Battering Ram at Busch Gardens theme park in Virginia. If you look closely you will see a blonde headed boy in the middle of the Battering Ram holding on for dear life, while a brown headed lady in a green shirt sitting next to him is laughing. Well, that blonde headed kid that is scared out of his wits is me, and the lady laughing is my mom.

Fast forward 26 years and you see the picture on the right. In this photo, you see a blonde headed little boy laughing his head off and a blonde headed lady beside him looking down laughing as well. This is my son and my wife in the same seat, on the same ride in April of this year. When I snapped this pic of them, I had forgotten about riding it years before and even more, I had no clue that I had once sat in the same seat my son now sat in. Sure, I remember going to Busch Gardens once when I was a kid, but it wasn't until I saw the old photo that I remembered it in vivid detail. Now, I even remember looking over from the ride and seeing my dad snapping pictures of me terrified, and mom laughing. I guess everything really does come full circle eventually.

What struck a chord with me is the fact that even though we forget many, many things that we do in our lifetime, there is always an earthly record of them somewhere. It may be a simple memory in your brain, a journal entry, or in this case, an old photograph. But what about in the spiritual realm? The Bible tells us that God is all knowing, all powerful, and omniscient. With that said, we must conclude that He's got a perfect memory too. But, the Bible also tells us that when we confess our sins, He is faithful to forgive us AND ultimatley forget them. It's amazing for me to think that my confessed sins are cast out by God as far as the East is from the West! Now that is exciting! But why does He, the God of the universe forgive and forget? He does it for His own sake as is shown in Isaiah 43:25 that says,

"I--yes, I alone--am the one who blots out your sins for my own sake and will never think of them again."

So, today, I thank God for my family and for allowing these two events, separated by 26 years to intersect. I'm thanking him for giving me the ability to remember each of them and cherish them forever. But even more, I'm thankful that His memory is the way it is.


Hook said...

amen Donny, amen. a forgetful memory is grace personified.

Andy said...

Nice one. Love the symmetry in the pictures.

libbygarrett said...

That's cool! Perhaps one day the picture will be of your daughter-in-law and grandson!

Donny Prater said...

guys- thanks!

Libby- Neat way to look at it! I sure hope so!

Phil said...

Thanks for the great reminder of what is so wonderful about grace... the pardon we don't deserve... the sins forgotten forever and no longer held against us.