Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Teachers are Role Models

As I've written in previous posts, I have an awesome wife that is very gifted at her job. I really have to believe that God writes upon our heart what His desire for our life's work shall be when we are born. It's obvious to me that he wrote on my wife's heart, "Elementary Principal".

Yesterday, she shared an email with me that she had sent to all of her staff members on Monday morning because she felt led to encourage them. I was blown away by what she wrote in this message and I want to share it with you:

Good Morning…I hope everyone had a great weekend! I had a list a mile long this weekend and then I sat through the sermon yesterday at church and realized that my list was quite insignificant with what I had to tell you…

The sermon was on “To-Do Lists” and how we need to change those to “To Be Lists” --- and how EVERYBODY is equal at the foot of the cross! So, my “To-Do” list for the day is out the window and here is what I thought of as I sat through service yesterday…

You may be the only smile, hug or encouraging word that a student in your class is going to hear today. Make a difference in the way you approach your students and your teaching. You are such a loving, caring staff --- be sure that your students see this through your daily actions! We are often driven by core content and assessment (as we should be!), but we must also realize that these students rely on us TO BE their role models/examples. So…Be the Role Models I see in each of you…EACH AND EVERY DAY!!!!

I love you, guys!!!

I know Marci may be a bit embarrassed when she finds out that I have posted her email here. But, the reason I wanted to post it is because the world needs to know that Teachers have a much bigger job than simply teaching kids the three R's (readin', ritin', and rithmatic) and her quick little email sums all of that up!

So if you haven't thought about it, teachers are role models that will mold the future generations. So, today hug a teacher, encourage a Principal, and pray for those that are shaping the kids of today into the leaders of tomorow.


Libby said...

People often don't realize the enormous responsibility we have as teachers in simply molding young people into self-sufficient adults. We do much more than teach math, science, English, etc. We really need to know what is going on in the child's home. Some may say it is none of our business, but let me give you just one recent example of many I have faced in my years as an educator.

Yesterday I had to call a mother and let her know her child was not doing his homework. I was not going to even mention his poor attitude. I just wanted Mom to be aware BEFORE mid-term what was going on at school with her son. (To my surprise, he had already mentioned to her that I had approached him about his behavior.)

Now it isn't that unusually that I should call a parent regarding a drastic change in a student's work habits, but this particular call was one of the most difficult I have ever had to make. You see, this mother is dying of cancer. She isn't expected to live through the coming summer. I had become aware of the mother's health prior to the call and I debated if I should add any more to her plate. I prayed, as I usually do before calling a parent, (generally for wisdom and favor) but this time I needed assurance that I should make the call. I weighed in the fact that the mother is/was a prinicpal and being an educator myself, what would I want from my child's teacher.

I made the call. I could hear the resolve in the mother's voice as she at one point struggled to hold back the tears. I had the same struggle from my side. I held up through the next class (which the pupil was in) then let the tears flow at lunch.

I share this here because I felt my own blog may be seen my someone from my school (perhaps that student) and I do not want to embarrass or expose that family in any way.

I just wanted people to know that sometimes our jobs are difficult in ways the public can never imagine.

Pray for and support all the teachers and administrators. We hold the most precious asset that our country has in our "hands" every day. We need wisdom that comes only from God and we need support that comes from you.

Trailady said...

Great post, Donny!

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Take Care! :o)

Andy said...

Excellent stuff.

And I appreciate Libby's comment, too - it takes courage to do that, but I firmly believe that it's important to speak the truth in this postmodern world.