Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Slide Out on Faith

During our recent trip to Disney, God spoke to me in a big way about stepping out on faith. Marci, Will, and I were at the Animal Kingdom and were playing in the "Bone Dig" area of the park. The Bone Dig is a three year old's paradise! There are ladders to climb, ropes to swing on, and several awesome tubes to slide inside of. Will, being the rambunctious three year old he is, was running at full speed from one attraction to the next, and pressing it and himself to it's limits. That is, until we came to one particular tube slide.

This tube slide started at the observation deck and traveled through a man-made mountain that resembled a dinosaur dig site. I stepped up and said I'll go first, jumped into the opening, and down the slide I went. When I got to the bottom, I pulled my fat butt out of the slide and turned around to await Will's arrival. I waited for a couple seconds before calling out, "Will? Are you coming?". I heard Will's shaky voice say, "Daddy, Where are you?"

"I'm right here buddy, just come on down," I said.

"But Daddy," Will said, "It's dark!"

"It's OK Will, I'm right here and I'll catch you," I replied.

"But I can't see you!" He said.

"I'm right here in front of you, just come on," I pleaded.

All the while, I heard Marci telling him that it was OK to slide. I also heard her tell him that Daddy would be there to catch him. That's when God spoke to me about stepping out on faith. God showed me through my family that He is always there for us, even though we may not see Him. Most times, we are afraid to step out and walk in His path. Just like Marci reassured Will, the Holy Spirit is always there speaking to us and He will not steer us wrong, if only we'll listen.

The good news is, Will slid to me. And, after one slide, he realized how fun it was and he did it over and over. It's funny how when we step out and do what God has given to us, we become part of it and find yourself in it.

Oh yeah, Will is four years old today. Happy birthday buddy!


Hook said...

great point bro - i left like i was in that tube as you described it.

happy birthday lil warrior!

Gabrielle Eden said...

thanks, Donny

Andy said...

AMEN!!! Great analogy - we all "slide into the darkness" as necessary knowing the glory of God on the other side.

nessie said...

Happy to see the analytical skills working overtime. Am a little jealous about the book but in a humble way promise. ;) Good luck with the challenge... I saw that you also signed up for the TBR

Donny Prater said...

Thanks all! It was fun to see and hear God so clearly. I'm sure I miss alot of the little things He tells me. Praise to Him for when He thunders it!

joolian said...

hey man - just caught up with a comment you posted on my (serious stuff) blog way back in October.

Been giving a lot of recent thought to hearing from God and why it appears to goa little quiet once in a while. Sure enough when we look back, we find that he's been trying to get through to us all along but we've had our ears closed.