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If you know me, you know that I have an affinity for English and early American history. I guess this interest grew from my childhood when my Dad researched our family tree. What he found was that our tree does fork.. several times to be exact! But seriously, he traced the Prater family blood line from me, all the way back to the time of the Norman Conquest of England (circa 1066).

What my Dad found is fascinating. His discoveries indicate that my ancestor (Grandfather) came to England with William the Conqueror and was one of his subjects, most likely a knight. He was a Norman that had descended from a group of Vikings that settled in the Norman peninsula in 911. After William conquered England in 1072, he gave my Grandfather a large amount of land in western England where my ancestors lived and prospered for many generations.

So back to the Prater Coat of Arms...

A coat of arms is also known as a family crest. Crests were used at one time to signify the person or family that carried them. What's even more interesting is that these crests also signify where the family came from and accomplished. For example, the wolves heads on the bottom of the Prater Coat of Arms signify that one of my Grandmothers was a direct descendant of the Yscitheor Prince of Powys because the black (sable) field and the three wolves heads are his symbol. SO, that's my claim to Welsh Royalty.

BUT, the greatest claim is the fact that my coat of arms contains a lion. But not just any lion... This lion is the same style as signified in the Royalty of England. The "Lion Passant" means that it is simply walking and it was the symbol of William the Conqueror that had to give my Grandfather permission to use it. What's neat is the fact that this Lion appears so often in todays world because three lions in the symbol of England. SO, that's my claim to English royalty.

And, to cap it all off, there's a really cool knight's helmet and a winged Pegasus wearing a crown on top of the shield. The Praters must have really been something in Middle Ages England.

But what about your spiritual ancestory? If you think about it, all of us have a spiritual crest that is written on our heart showing where we've been and what we've inherited from our spiritual forefathers. Each is unique and each one tells our story as written by the author of our faith. And what's really cool is the fact that all Christians are royalty because we are a child of the King! What a pedigree!!!

So, I have earthly royal blood from Welsh and English/Norman stock running through my veins. Maybe I should give Princes Harry and William a call sometime...

Nah, what's more important is the fact that I have spiritual royalty from God. He is above all kings and kingdoms on earth, and his inheritance is one that cannot be matched in worldly things.


Lady Vankovic said...

Hey i love your blog... the word to the wise... awesome... Im glad you know about your roots. I think its exciting. Im adopted so i guess i wil never know but my boyfriend knows all about his family tree so hey i have a family now. But the best part is being an heir of God.. and a coheir... thats amazing eh?

Donny Prater said...

Lady- Thanks! Im glad you enjoy reading my ramblings. I appreciate knowing that! It is neat to know your family history, but all of that really doesn't matter because as a Christian, we are the heirs to the throne. And that REALLY IS all that matters. It is amazing!

Andy said...

Ya know...

You can't win Donny.

You'll still talk funny whether a Prater in England or a Prater in Kentucky... ;-)

Donny Prater said...

HAHAHA! I know it so I'm working on that British accent. But, it sounds like a new form of Hillbilly Cockney Anglish.

Later Mate!

Carl said...

Who is your dad? I'm living in Switzerland and am under the same lineage as you. Heading to Nunney Castle at the end of July and looking for other places to visit or to do research. Let me know as I'd like to do some more searching.

Donny Prater said...


Please email me!! I'd love to talk to you!!! My email is in the top right margin. That is sooooo exciting.


Carl said...

Donny, I got a "mailbox is full: retry timeout exceeded" email delivery failure to your address.

I'm posting it here:

Yes, I'm still exploring more. My family mostly lives in Alabama. Basil Prather had like 14 kids and one of them, King Prather, moved to Rock Mills, AL some time in the 1800's. When my grandfather died I was given the only artifact remaining from the Prather homestead there...a wooden table. Not glamorous but it's still pretty cool.
Anyway, I started researching my Prather heritage to prepare for my trip to England at the end of the month (it's only a $200 flight from here and I have friends in London which makes visiting actually affordable). I went through and was able to hunt through records all the way back to King Prather. Once I hit King the whole story opened up thanks to some other folks who have been doing this for a LONG time. Check out It's a pretty crappy site on the looks/feel but it has a TON of information in it (if you aren't already aware of it).
Nice blog by the way. I've been keeping one with my girlfriend here:
I'll be getting pleny of pics & photos when we head to Wiltshire County in a month and will be very happy to share them.
Carl W. Prather

Anonymous said...

My grandmother was a Prater descended from this same line. My niece will be an exchange student in London this fall. Can you post info about how to get to the Prater castle and any other places she might visit that were part of the Prater family.
Thanks for your information!

Middle Tennessee

Donny Prater said...


Great to hear from you! THere is a ton of info on this website:

But, I have a bunch of info and maps too if you want to shoot me an email. The link is on the right side of the page under "I Like Email"

take care,

Nikki said...


My grandmother is descended from the Prater line as well. I have only been researching this line of the family for a couple of weeks, but have been astounded at the amount of information. Would you be willing to share your father's research? The funny part is that we have stories that were passed down and we just knew them to be true. Now, with the research underway many of the stories my grandmother told have turned out to be true! I have researched several lines of my family and many have turned out to be wonderful adventures. This one is starting out just as well.