Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I wrote what I like to call my, "Come Back Post" the other day for the whole world to see.  Today, I re-read it and realized that all of it is true!  But, it was more or less a big pity party for myself.  So, I'm trying to break out of that state of mind, and write about something a little more uplifting. 

I first thought I'd write about my experiences in the Emergency Room yesterday after my son ran his head into a steel pole at school.  But after deciding that is about as uplifting as feline leukemia, I thought I might talk about my life as a runner.  BUT, who wants to hear about that?  I already talk about it so much that I should probably just let that one lie.  But just then, I was reminded of the lifestyles that we take on, when we get into something new and let it consume us like running has with me.

When I first started running, I had an old pair of shoes, some shorts from the 90's, and an old Army t-shirt.  But as time went on, I started changing my wardrobe to reflect the character of an athletic person.  First, I bought some $120 high tech shoes, then some sweat-wicking clothes, and then I had to have the Oakley running shades.  But it didn't stop there... I even bought a bike (for off days from running), a hydration belt, and the piece d' resistance, a $350 GPS watch.

But was all of this stuff necessary?

Sure, it helped with the comfort level of running.  Also, the watch helps me with training.  But necessary or not, it was just the stuff that I needed to brand myself as a runner to the world.  When I wear my running attire, I feel as though I stand out as a runner, and thus other runners can identify me and we can be friends and meet up for runs around town!

How stupid...

Can you think of any other ways people brand themselves?  Did you ever see a big guy that was wearing Under Armor and think, "Wow!  He must be a professional football player".  Or maybe you saw a person wearing a Callaway Golf Hat and you almost went up and asked them if they knew Tiger.

But what about in the Christian-branded merchandise?

I've seen it time and again, how certain people will come to know Christ and immediately go out and buy the shirts, necklaces, and the ultimate form of Jesus Merchandise, the JESUS FISH on the back of the car.  But does this make one more spiritual?  Does it make one closer to God? Does it advertise in a positive light, the God of the Universe?  I answer no, no, and maybe to all of these questions.

So, what are you branded as?  Or better yet, are you POSING as an athlete? A fashionista? A Jesus Freak?  Is it a positive vibe you're shining on humanity?  Or, are you blinding them with a fad?

"Lord, Help me be a simple person that keeps his eyes on you and not the world."


Gabrielle Eden said...

I'm glad you're OK

Kyle said...

How true! Sometimes I get tired of the Christian apparel that's out there. I don't think there is a huge problem with someone wearing it (although being cheezy at times), but where's the heart change?

Christ changes our hearts. He did not come to change our clothes.

Great website! Looking forward to reading more!